Classic yet contemporary, AllGold Maison instills its 50 years of history in a sense of refined beauty transcending from time.


Fossombrone, 12th November 1951: Aguzzi Oscardo’s birthdate; unfortunately this sensitive and smart child became deaf when he was three. Nevertheless Aguzzi family decided firmly to assure Oscardo a peaceful life, pushing him to live like his peers. Instead of being an handicap or a limit, deafness was his main talent: that soundless world allowed him to develop a very special artistic and human sensitivity. His creative abilities clearly came to light during the primary school and Mr Bartolucci Pietro, the Principal of Fossombrone school, being aware of Oscardo’s gift, struggled for finding the right job for him. Thus he decided to talk about Oscardo’s ability to Mrs Sorbini Maria Luisa, a teacher working in the same school, whose husband was Bordoni Alfio, the owner of a very important and ancient goldsmith workshop in Fossombrone. Here a family tradition had been taken forward since 1900. Furthermore, gold had always been worked there since 1600.


Aguzzi Oscardo started working at Fabbrica Artigiana Orafa “Bordoni Alfio” as apprentice. He was almost 14 but his artistic advancement and excellent manual skill considerably impressed Mr Bordoni, who wanted him to be immediately in his own skilled master goldsmiths team.


Aguzzi Oscardo took part in “Rassegna Orafa S Eligio” at the “Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della tecnica” In Milan. The “Rassegna Orafa S Eligio” was, at that time, one of the most important contents for goldsmiths: only taking part in it was a reason of great pride. The young Oscardo was the only apprentice among master goldsmiths and nonetheless he won the first prize. He won the competition creating golden glasses, which were aesthetically beautiful and technically flawless but something innovative as well; thanks to Oscardo’s talent, the frame could be anatomically adapted to the face of the person.


Coli Noe, a young Parisian goldsmith with Senegalese origins, came at Bordoni Alfio’s goldsmith workshop. Thanks to the Oscardo’s performance at Rassegna Orafa S Eligio, the famous “Scuola Orafa Benvenuto Cellini” of Florence asked Bordoni the possibility to welcome a goldsmith of his to learn something of Oscardo’s technique. Oscardo was well known in the sector as a real enfant prodige, who learn and be inspired from.
Noe started working side by side with Oscardo Aguzzi, a big artist who conveyed all his wisdom and knowledge to his Parisian colleague. Noe worked in Fossombrone for two years and repaid Oscardo teaching him one of the most ancient and prestigious technique in the goldsmith world: the working of golden filigree. This technique is one of the most difficult and mystery; only a few people in the world can handle it properly and Oscardo became one of the holders of this craft tradition.


Even though he had already faced tons of difficulties, Oscardo seriously felt hill and he was forced to stop working. Since Mr Bordoni was aware that Oscardo’s gift couldn’t be wasted, he decided to build a little workshop in his bedroom to help him in reacting to this difficult moment. Every time Mr Bordoni visited Oscardo, he brought him a tool or a little jewel to be repaired to keep his manual skill and creation alive. It’s at this time that Oscardo’s little brother Giorgio Aguzzi (Fossombrone 18th March 1966) came on the scene. He started approaching to the goldsmithing world during Oscardo’s illness, when he was forced at home. Gold, Creativity, Arts had always been the most words heard by Giorgio since he was a child but now it was time for him to get into the real job. At first he was Oscardo’s interpreter: he helped his brother with his clients, given the deafness and the difficulty in communicating with other people. Then he was and factotum since Oscardo’s creations had to be delivered and sold. Oscardo was getting better and Giorgio started getting into this job that at first was only a duty; his parents wanted him to follow his brother’s footsteps and to learn this “golden job”.


Aguzzi brothers, Oscardo and Giorgio, decided to open their first goldsmith workshop located in Via Pergamino, 27 in Fossombrone. They offered handmade products and their clients were meticulously followed to provide them with a tailor made product with an original style.
Business improved more and more thanks to the 80’s trend: the pursuit of the original and luxury thing was the Leitmotiv of those years. People wanted to show off and their objects needed to convey a defined status symbol.


AllGold brand was born in 1986. Aguzzi brothers gave life to a jewelry brand with an international vocation given the English name.


Flavio Gregorio Topi (Barinas, 3rd December 1969) was hired as apprentice at AllGold. The 18 years old Flavio had already had an important working experience at “Orafa Nord italia”, a firm in Conegliano Veneto (TV), where he had learned a lot about the “gold world”. But Flavio wanted to learn the real goldsmithing as he aimed to open his own workshop in Abruzzo, where his family was situated after leaving Venezuela. Before this step he needed to find a place of excellence to improve his skills and he found the perfect solution in the Marches, in Fossombrone. Finally he found a workshop, near home, where the goldsmithing tradition was carried out. At the beginning Flavio should have stayed in Fossombrone only for a limited time, but then he settled permanently there: his skills were really appreciated in a moment where AllGold needed more help in managing all the increasing turnover./p>


Flavio became more than a fundamental person in the workshop: he was considered as the third Aguzzi brother and that’s why Oscardo and Giorgio decided to involve him in the society. The new team started dreaming and planning how to make their business grow as well as the development of AllGold brand.


The success and the growth in production brought the three partners to open a new point of sale. After important restoration works, on 15th April 2001 AllGold opened in the storical workshop in Corso Garibaldi, 86 in Fossombrone, where Oscardo was trained and grown. Fossombrone’s people were enthusiastic about this as it was just like reopening an old chest where all precious memories where hidden: engagement rings of young couples in bygone days, wedding rings memories, birth gifts.
For the three partners it was like coming back to the origins and it was a way to repay a place that taught them to work. AllGold didn’t only changed location but their job vision as well. From that day on AllGold wasn’t anymore a simple goldsmith workshop but a real Atelier and a firm. In a really short time 4 young talented designer were hired to widen this veritable company.


The dream of Oscardo, Giorgio and Flavio came true in December 2002 when AllGold took part in the goldsmith exhibition in Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris. AllGold was selected, among lots of Italian goldsmith realities, to represent the Made in Italy goldsmithing.
AllGold shown its creations in filigree and it was a good move as the personalities who were at the exhibition were impressed by that particular and ancient technique. During the exhibition Giorgio Aguzzi performed the creation of a jewel in AllGold filigree; the audience appreciated the possibility to watch a master goldsmith working on his own creations in front of them.


After Paris, AllGold was invited to take part in another exhibition of Made in Italy excellences, which took place at Orangerie du Parc d’Egmont in Bruxelles. The filigree technique was really appreciated as well and met the refined audience taste. Both this second international adventure and the opportunities which came out from it gave birth to a new entrepreneurial challenge: now AllGold wants to reach overseas countries.
nevertheless, AllGold continued cultivating the Italian market, participating to several goldsmith exhibitions around Italy: Fontanellato (Parma), Palazzo del Capitano (Ascoli Piceno), Palazzo della Signoria (Jesi), Mole Vanvitelliana (Ancona).


Just after one year from the experience in Bruxelles, AllGold was invited to participate in an exhibition/fair of Italian excellence in White Plains, New York. AllGold was astonished by the feedbacks received by this cosmopolite and eclectic audience: known the love of Italian arts, Americans seemed to have found in AllGold the right Made in Italy brand thanks to the products design and aesthetic taste. The three partners, friends, brothers acknowledged that they did have important opportunities in the international market.


In 2005 AllGold jewels reached Boca Raton, in Palm Beach County (Florida, USA). In this occasion a very refined event was organized to celebrate two of the biggest excellences of our region, the Marches: shoes and jewels. Many influential sector operators, media, buyers took part in the gala evening as well as a lot of AllGold American clients, who grew fond to the Fossombrone’s company.
In the same year AllGold won the prestigious contest organized by Harrods, London. Mohamed Al-Fayed himself conferred the prize for the most beautiful jewel to Giorgio and Flavio; moreover AllGold had the unique opportunity to use a shop window for showing its creations.


Back to the United States in October 2006, when AllGold took part in the “Mostra Eccellenze Gioiello” in the Rainbow Room of the Rockfeller Center in New York. Thanks to this event AllGold succeeded in having impressive critiques from important newspapers and other media like tv, radios and websites.


2007 AllGold participated in the international jewelry fair in the Kingdom of Bahrein: thanks to this event AllGold officially reached the Middle-Eastern market, achieving one of its commercial aims.


AllGold officially entered to be part of the brands involved in the famous MidEast Watch & Jewelery exhibition, which takes place every year at the Expo Centre of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. This exhibition is a well-known event where all most important jewels franchise, brands and designers all over the world are collected, being the biggest jewelry shop window in the world.


The esteemed jewelry chain Ben Bridge of Seattle chose AllGold as a brand to be sold in their copious atelier all over America. AllGold was selected during a content-show held in Florence where main media and national and international televisions participated as well. AllGold won among more than 300 goldsmith ateliers and its key to success was the creations quality and its historical and artistic heritage.


Another decade, another success: AllGolds filigree jewels entered to be part of ARY Jewellers ateliers, symbols of high level jewelery. Giorgio and Flavio were contacted directly by the owner, Indian Princess Naheed, after having admired AllGold creations all over the world. She came to Italy and visit Fossombrone’s atelier and she had the chance to look through her eyes how these special filigree jewels are brought to life. She was totally astonished by the goldsmith artisans elegantly working golds in minute detail and to give life to rings, necklaces and bracelets. The Princess wanted immediately to take agreements for having AllGold in her prestigious selling points in Dubai.


The events occurred after 2010 cannot be written since they are part of a too recent past. To write a good story, whether a novel or a company story, there must be a consistent time difference from events. We’re pretty sure that in 60 years AllGold will still have further milestones to be added to its own story.


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